The Psalms I – Common Psalms for Ordinary Time


A collection of easy to sing psalms, including the Lectionary common psalms, ideal for congregations starting to sing the psalms.

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Product Description

The Psalms is our collection of Lectionary psalms in several volumes.

The Psalms uses simple, yet effective musical settings. The refrains are easy to learn and the chant verses often parallel the refrain melody or use simple repeating patterns. Guitar chords and accompaniment are provided, although the psalms work equally well when sung unaccompanied.

Volume I contains settings of the Common Psalms for Ordinary Time. To help communities that are learning to sing the psalms, common psalms are provided in the Lectionary that can be used at any occasion. Using a setting over a number of weeks helps a new psalmist to gain confidence and the assembly to sing confidently.

Many of the common psalms can be used on other Sundays of the year too. Full details are included.

  • Ps 18(19) – Your words, O Lord are spirit and life
  • Ps 26(27) – The Lord is my light, the Lord is my help
  • Ps 33(34) – Taste and see the goodness of the Lord / I will bless the Lord God at all times
  • Ps 62(63) – For you my soul is thirsting, O Lord, my God, I long for you
  • Ps 94(95) – O that today you would listen to his voice, ‘Harden not your hearts’
  • Ps 99(100) –  We are the people of God, we are the sheep of his flock
  • Ps 102(103) – The Lord is compassion and love
  • Ps 144(145) – I will bless your name for ever and ever
  • Ps 121(122) – Let us go to God’s house rejoicing

(Note: the audio sample for Psalm 102(103) uses a different response to that printed in Volume I)

Instrumentation: Cantor / choir, keyboard, guitar

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