The Freedom Liturgy Gospel Acclamations


Alleluia and Gospel Acclamation for Lent based on the melodies of The Freedom Liturgy.

Product Description

An Alelluia and Gospel Acclamation for Lent, based on the fresh and energetic Freedom Liturgy setting of the Mass for piano/keyboard, guitar and instruments. They are an ideal complement to that Mass setting, or can be used independently of it.

Metrical verses are provided in each setting. Alternatively, a reader may speak the words of the Gospel Acclamation while the verse accompaniment is played underneath.

Alleluia: Sample verses are provided for Sundays of Ordinary Time and seasons of the year. The melody is taken from the Holy, Holy, Holy of The Freedom Liturgy. An alternative response (based on texts from 1 Samuel and John’s Gospel) is given, for occasions where it may be appropriate to use this.

Gospel Acclamation for Lent: Verses for all Sundays of Lent are provided. The melody is taken from the Penitential Act of The Freedom Liturgy


Instrumentation: Cantor, guitar, melody instruments, piano

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