Mass of St Brélade


A setting of the Mass in C for organ/keyboard, cantor / choir, guitar and instruments, including Gospel Acclamations.

Product Description

A setting of the Mass in C for keyboard, cantor/choir, guitar and melody instruments. The setting is equally at home on organ or piano.

The work can be sung by the congregation throughout, although the verses of the Gloria and Gospel Acclamations are recommended for cantor or choir. Choir parts are provided for each element of the setting. Performance notes are included.

All parts of the setting are unified through a common melodic motif and are in in 3/4 or 6/8 time.

Penitential Act (Third Form): Simple chant invocations for the priest or cantor with a Kyrie / Christe response. The invocations are flexible and can be altered or spoken.

Kyrie: The congregational responses from the Penitential Act unified in a Kyrie setting.

Glory to God: a joyful refrain with three melodic verses and a final Amen. There are two settings, one with metrical verses and one with chant-style verses.

Gospel Acclamation: an energetic Alleluia with either metrical or chant verses. Lyrics for sample verses are provided.

Gospel Acclamation for Lent: with words appropriate for Lent. Verses from the Lectionary for each Sunday of Lent are provided, with either metrical or chant melodies

Eucharistic Acclamations: The Holy Holy Holy, Mystery of Faith and Amen all share a common theme, making them easy to learn.

Lamb of God: A calm setting with interlude between verses and altered melodic structure for the last verse.

This work is published with the approval of the Department for Christian Life and Worship of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

Brélade was a Celtic saint of the 6th century who was believed to have been a missionary in Cornwall, Dorset and the Channel Islands. This setting was named for the civil parish of St Brélade, Jersey, in which it was composed. Next to the parish church is the 12th century Fishermen’s Chapel, overlooking St Brélade’s Bay and reputedly built on the site of Brélade’s original chapel.

Instrumentation: Cantor / choir, guitar, melody instruments in C, organ/piano

Listen to an excerpt

Listen to an excerpt

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