Blessed are you for ever


A song for the Preparation of the Gifts, offering the bread, the wine and ourselves to God.

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Product Description

A song based on the prayers during the Presentation of the Gifts, based on the words in the 2010 Missal.

The text emphasises that through God’s goodness, we have been given wheat and grapes which we fashion into bread and wine as an offering to God, which are transformed and given back to us as the Body and Blood of Christ. It expresses also our eager willingness to enter into the “holy exchange” with God: “accept the offerings you have given us, that we in turn may receive the gift of yourself.” [General Instruction of the Roman Missal 67].

A third verse asks us to offer ourselves, our lives, our individual efforts to grow more like Christ, and our efforts as a community of faith to God through the hands of the priest, and to be transformed too, into God’s holy people.


Instrumentation: Keyboard, guitar, melody instruments in C

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